I am a graduate student working in quantum information science. My current area of research is the behaviour of ultra-cold atoms in magneto-optical trap. After spending almost three years with it and learning a lot about experimental physics, I need to dump the information overloading in my head somewhere and here seems like a good place to start keeping track of my life. Hopefully that will make back reference easier.

I am looking into expanding into theoretical quantum information – hopefully somewhere around quantum walk, quantum simulation, and many-body system – in the near future; i.e. once I graduate and be done with the experiment.

For what I do outside of work, you can visit my Right Hemisphere where I keep track on my side tracking.



The List of (Vague) Things I’m Interested In

  1. Quantum Information: harvesting the computational power to push our computational limit. I’m not exactly an advocate of universal quantum computer. My interest concern more with using it for problems we generally don’t have the computational power to solve.
  2. Quantum Simulation and Simulation of Quantum System
  3. Graph-based Quantum Computation: Quantum Walk, One-Way Quantum Computation and Cluster-states
  4. Atom-Photon Interactions
  5. Many-body System
  6. Natural Computing: its many forms, its different natures, how it works, what we can use it for
  7. Philosophy of Science and Formalism of  Physics

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