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Carlo Rovelli on Philosophy of Physics

I’ve just come across an interesting article in Edge where theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli talks about what science is to him and what he learnt about philosophy of science in investigating the life of Anaximander whom he called the first scientist. I really encourage you to go read the whole thing on the website. But while you’re here, here are some sneak-peeks:

“What are then the aspects of doing science that I think are under-evaluated, and should come up-front? First, science is about constructing visions of the world, about rearranging our conceptual structure, about creating new concepts which were not there before, and even more, about changing, challenging the a-priori that we have. So it’s nothing to do about the assembly of data and the way of organizing the assembly of data. It has everything to do about the way we think, and about our mental vision of the world. Science is a process in which we keep exploring ways of thinking, and changing our image of the world, our vision of the world, to find new ones that work a little bit better.”