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Annotated Bibliography: Griffiths’s Quantum Channels, Kraus Operators, POVMs

Griffiths, Robert B. “Quantum Channels, Kraus Operators, POVMs.” Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Theory Course Notes, Carnegie Mellon University (Spring 2010) (2010).

Type: Lecture note

Summary: The source describes key concepts relating to quantum channel and POVM. The examples are related to quantum communication channels and examples are that of a single-qubit channel. It also presents multiple representations of a quantum channel, but does not explicitly show the connection between them. The author briefly discuss POVM as extension of the channel formalism.

Comments: The source is intended as a summary of sort. It is not in itself complete and often refers to the course’s references. The mathematics is minimal for this type of subject and not rigorous. The source does not employ the standard terminologies of the field which can often cause confusion especially in the part of the representations.