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TEDTalk: Susan Cain’s power of introverts

I’m an introvert, typical of people in science. I work best in solitude and feel relax being alone. Funny that it didn’t get me any look back home where solitude is rarely found and valued. Of course, people tend to think I’m slightly antisocial, but it is not off-putting. It was quite an eye-opener to move across the globe and found people having a much stronger opinion about me being an introvert. It is mostly because I don’t like hanging out the way people here hang out. I find stimulation, especially noises and smell, both distracting and overwhelming. I get migraines at pubs and bars because of dim light and noisy conversations. I both sympathize with and admire Susan Cain for trying to be an extrovert even just a period of time. It’s much harder than you think to be in an environment catered for extroverts when you are on the end spectrum of introversion. Boy, I even have a small breakdown once complete with tears and causing a bit of a scene. Anyway, what I want to say is be more tolerating and accepting of other people modus operandi, because everyone has their own different balances. Einstein liked being on his own while working, while Feynman would be in a bar if he wanted productivity. They were both great minds, but no mind works alike.